Commit 547776f9 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(semantic-grammar--lex-delim-spec): All errors should have messages.

parent 3ee0b477
2009-10-17 Glenn Morris <>
* cedet/semantic/grammar.el (semantic-grammar--lex-delim-spec):
All errors should have messages.
* foldout.el (foldout-mouse-swallow-events):
* gs.el (gs-load-image): Replace obsolete forms of sit-for, sleep-for.
......@@ -690,7 +690,7 @@ The symbols in the list are local variables in
(car delim-spec) (symbolp (car delim-spec))
(cadr delim-spec) (symbolp (cadr delim-spec)))
(error "Invalid delimiter")))
(error "Invalid delimiters specification %s in block token %s"
(cdr block-spec) (car block-spec)))))
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