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Comment change.

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......@@ -102,38 +102,6 @@
;;; Read the rest of this file for more information.
;;; Notes from when this was called cmushell, and was not the standard emacs
;;; shell package.
;;; In brief: this package should have no trouble coexisting with shell.el.
;;; Most customising variables -- e.g., explicit-shell-file-name -- are the
;;; same, so the users shouldn't have much trouble. Hooks have different
;;; names, however, so you can customise shell mode differently from cmushell
;;; mode. You basically just have to remember to type M-x cmushell instead of
;;; M-x shell.
;;; It would be nice if this file was completely plug-compatible with the old
;;; shell package -- if you could just name this file shell.el, and have it
;;; transparently replace the old one. But you can't. Several other packages
;;; (tex-mode, background, dbx, gdb, kermit, monkey, prolog, telnet) are also
;;; clients of shell mode. These packages assume detailed knowledge of shell
;;; mode internals in ways that are incompatible with cmushell mode (mostly
;;; because of cmushell mode's greater functionality). So, unless we are
;;; willing to port all of these packages, we can't have this file be a
;;; complete replacement for shell.el -- that is, we can't name this file
;;; shell.el, and its main entry point (shell), because dbx.el will break
;;; when it loads it in and tries to use it.
;;; There are two ways to fix this. One: rewrite these other modes to use the
;;; new package. This is a win, but can't be assumed. The other, backwards
;;; compatible route, is to make this package non-conflict with shell.el, so
;;; both files can be loaded in at the same time. And *that* is why some
;;; functions and variables have different names: (cmushell),
;;; cmushell-mode-map, that sort of thing. All the names have been carefully
;;; chosen so that shell.el and cmushell.el won't tromp on each other.
;;; Customization and Buffer Variables
;;; ===========================================================================
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