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* frames.texi (Drag and drop): New section.

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2004-02-03 Jan Dj,Ad(Brv <>
* frames.texi (Drag and drop): New section.
2004-01-24 Richard M. Stallman <>
* emacs.texi (Acknowledgments): Renamed from Acknowledgements.
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ under X.
* Frame Parameters:: Changing the colors and other modes of frames.
* Scroll Bars:: How to enable and disable scroll bars; how to use them.
* Wheeled Mice:: Using mouse wheels for scrolling.
* Drag and drop:: Using drag and drop to open files and insert text.
* Menu Bars:: Enabling and disabling the menu bar.
* Tool Bars:: Enabling and disabling the tool bar.
* Dialog Boxes:: Controlling use of dialog boxes.
......@@ -795,6 +796,38 @@ generating appropriate events for Emacs.
@code{mouse-wheel-scroll-amount} determine where and by how much
buffers are scrolled.
@node Drag and drop
@section Drag and drop in Emacs.
@cindex drag and drop
Emacs supports drag and drop so that dropping of files and text is handeled.
There is no drag support yet. When text is dropped, Emacs will insert the
text where it is dropped. When a file is dragged from a file manager to
Emacs, Emacs will open that file.
As a special case, if a file is dropped on a dired buffer the file will
be copied or moved (depends on exactly how it is dragged and the application
is was dragged from) to the directory the dired buffer is displaying.
A file is normally opened in the window it is dropped on, but if you
prefer the file to be opened in a new window, you can customize the variable
@vindex x-dnd-types-alist
If you want to change the way Emacs handles drop of different types,
or add a new type, you shall customize @code{x-dnd-types-alist}. This
requires detailed knowledge of what types other applications use
for drag and drop.
@vindex x-dnd-protocol-alist
When an URL is dropped on Emacs, it may be a file, but it may also be
another URL type (ftp, http, etc.). Emacs first checks
@code{x-dnd-protocol-alist} to determine what to do with the URL. If there
is no match there, and if @code{browse-url-browser-function} is an alist,
Emacs looks for a match there. If no match is found, the text for the URL
is inserted. If you want to alter Emacs behaviour you can customize these
@node Menu Bars
@section Menu Bars
@cindex Menu Bar mode
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