Commit 54907cdc authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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2005-06-06 Matt Hodges <>

	* iswitchb.el: Rename faces.
parent 4bad17c2
......@@ -404,21 +404,21 @@ iswitchb is running."
:type 'hook
:group 'iswitchb)
(defface iswitchb-single-match-face
(defface iswitchb-single-match
(:inherit font-lock-comment-face)))
"Iswitchb face for single matching buffer name."
:version "22.1"
:group 'iswitchb)
(defface iswitchb-current-match-face
(defface iswitchb-current-match
(:inherit font-lock-function-name-face)))
"Iswitchb face for current matching buffer name."
:version "22.1"
:group 'iswitchb)
(defface iswitchb-virtual-matches-face
(defface iswitchb-virtual-matches
(:inherit font-lock-builtin-face)))
"Iswitchb face for matching virtual buffer names.
......@@ -426,7 +426,7 @@ See also `iswitchb-use-virtual-buffers'."
:version "22.1"
:group 'iswitchb)
(defface iswitchb-invalid-regexp-face
(defface iswitchb-invalid-regexp
(:inherit font-lock-warning-face)))
"Iswitchb face for indicating invalid regexp. "
......@@ -1299,9 +1299,9 @@ Modified from `icomplete-completions'."
(put-text-property 0 (length first) 'face
(if (= (length comps) 1)
(if iswitchb-invalid-regexp
(setq comps (cons first (cdr comps)))))
......@@ -1330,7 +1330,7 @@ Modified from `icomplete-completions'."
(let ((comp comps))
(while comp
(put-text-property 0 (length (car comp))
'face 'iswitchb-virtual-matches-face
'face 'iswitchb-virtual-matches
(car comp))
(setq comp (cdr comp))))))
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