Commit 54aa8874 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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Revert last change of display-buffer-normalize-default.

parent b95799f2
2011-07-10 Martin Rudalics <>
* window.el (display-buffer-normalize-default): Don't invert
meaning of even-window-heights. Reported by Eli Zaretskii
2011-07-10 Bob Rogers <>
* vc/vc.el (vc-diff-internal): Fix race condition (Bug#1256).
......@@ -5347,7 +5347,7 @@ buffer display specifiers."
;; `even-window-heights'
(unless (and (boundp 'even-window-heights)
(not even-window-heights))
(setq specifiers
(cons (cons 'reuse-window-even-sizes t) specifiers)))
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