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(PostScript Variables): Extend the documentation of ps-print-color-p.

Add the description of ps-use-face-background.
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......@@ -1389,11 +1389,24 @@ first two variables yourself, they take their initial values from
is @code{nil}, @code{printer-name} is used.
@vindex ps-print-header
@vindex ps-print-color-p
The variable @code{ps-print-header} controls whether these commands
add header lines to each page---set it to @code{nil} to turn headers
off. You can turn off color processing by setting
@code{ps-print-color-p} to @code{nil}.
@cindex color emulation on black-and-white printers
@vindex ps-print-color-p
If your printer doesn't support colors, you should turn off color
processing by setting @code{ps-print-color-p} to @code{nil}. By
default, if the display supports colors, Emacs produces hardcopy output
with color information; on black-and-white printers, colors are emulated
with shades of gray. This might produce illegible output, even if your
screen colors only use shades of gray.
@vindex ps-use-face-background
By default, PostScript printing ignored the background of the faces,
unless the variable @code{ps-use-face-background} is set to a
non-@code{nil} value. This is to avoid unwanted interference with the
zebra stripes and background image/text.
@vindex ps-paper-type
@vindex ps-page-dimensions-database
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