Commit 550c6501 authored by Ivan Shmakov's avatar Ivan Shmakov
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Avoid gratuitous delete-dups in face-at-point.

* lisp/faces.el (face-at-point): Do not compute the properly
ordered, duplicate-free list if only a single value is
requested anyway.  (Bug#20519)
parent 21b81bd8
......@@ -1937,8 +1937,9 @@ Return nil if there is no face."
(dolist (face faceprop)
(if (facep face)
(push face faces))))))
(setq faces (delete-dups (nreverse faces)))
(if multiple faces (car faces))))
(if multiple
(delete-dups (nreverse faces))
(car (last faces)))))
(defun foreground-color-at-point ()
"Return the foreground color of the character after point."
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