Commit 5516728e authored by Artur Malabarba's avatar Artur Malabarba

* lisp/character-fold.el (character-fold-table):

Only fold decompositions if at least one character is non-spacing.
parent 1323c139
......@@ -52,7 +52,9 @@ some).")
;; Skip trivial cases like ?a decomposing to (?a).
(unless (or (and (eq i (car dec))
(not (cdr dec))))
(let ((d dec) k found multiletter)
(let ((d dec)
(fold-decomp t)
k found)
(while (and d (not found))
(setq k (pop d))
;; Is k a number or letter, per unicode standard?
......@@ -63,20 +65,30 @@ some).")
;; because then we don't want the first letter to match
;; the decomposition.
(dolist (k d)
(when (memq (get-char-code-property k 'general-category)
'(Lu Ll Lt Lm Lo Nd Nl No))
(setq multiletter t)))
(when (and fold-decomp
(memq (get-char-code-property k 'general-category)
'(Lu Ll Lt Lm Lo Nd Nl No)))
(setq fold-decomp nil)))
;; If there's no number or letter on the
;; decomposition, take the first character in it.
(setq found (car-safe dec)))
;; Finally, we only fold multi-char decomposition if at
;; least one of the chars is non-spacing (combining).
(when fold-decomp
(setq fold-decomp nil)
(dolist (k dec)
(when (and (not fold-decomp)
(> (get-char-code-property k 'canonical-combining-class) 0))
(setq fold-decomp t))))
;; Add i to the list of characters that k can
;; represent. Also possibly add its decomposition, so we can
;; match multi-char representations like (format "a%c" 769)
(when (and found (not (eq i k)))
(let ((chars (cons (char-to-string i) (aref equiv k))))
(aset equiv k
(if multiletter chars
(cons (apply #'string dec) chars)))))))))
(if fold-decomp
(cons (apply #'string dec) chars)
;; Add some manual entries.
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