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NEWS: Add CC Mode entries.

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2012-04-02 Alan Mackenzie <>
* NEWS: Add CC Mode entries.
2012-04-01 Jambunathan K <>
* org/OrgOdtContentTemplate.xml (OrgIndentedSection-Level-*):
......@@ -665,9 +665,20 @@ view-diary-entries, list-diary-entries, show-all-diary-entries
on platforms that support it. This calls your desktop's preferred browser.
** New CC Mode feature to "guess" the style in an existing buffer.
** CC Mode
*** New feature to "guess" the style in an existing buffer.
The main entry is M-x c-guess.
*** Java Mode now supports Java 5.0 (Tiger) and 6 (Mustang).
*** c-beginning-of-defun and c-end-of-defun now respect nested scopes:
Thus C-M-a will, by default, go to the beginning of the immediate function,
not the top level.
*** "Macros with semicolon" can be registered, for correct indentation.
Where such a macro ends a line (no semicolon) the next statement is no longer
parsed as a statement continuation.
** comint and modes derived from it use the generic completion code.
** Compilation mode
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