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Remove todo items.

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......@@ -7746,13 +7746,6 @@ Only works for Bourne-like shells."
;;; TODO:
;; * Allow putting passwords in the filename.
;; This should be implemented via a general mechanism to add
;; parameters in filenames. There is currently a kludge for
;; putting the port number into the filename for ssh and ftp
;; files. This could be subsumed by the new mechanism as well.
;; Another approach is to read a netrc file like ~/.authinfo
;; from Gnus.
;; * Handle nonlocal exits such as C-g.
;; * But it would probably be better to use with-local-quit at the
;; place where it's actually needed: around any potentially
......@@ -7767,8 +7760,6 @@ Only works for Bourne-like shells."
;; by the files in that directory. Add this here.
;; * Avoid screen blanking when hitting `g' in dired. (Eli Tziperman)
;; * Make ffap.el grok Tramp filenames. (Eli Tziperman)
;; * When logging in, keep looking for questions according to an alist
;; and then invoke the right function.
;; * Case-insensitive filename completion. (Norbert Goevert.)
;; * Don't use globbing for directories with many files, as this is
;; likely to produce long command lines, and some shells choke on
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