Commit 5596b3bc authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(inhibit_sentinels): Add decl.

parent 910c747a
...@@ -161,5 +161,9 @@ extern int synch_process_retcode; ...@@ -161,5 +161,9 @@ extern int synch_process_retcode;
#define NULL_DEVICE "/dev/null" #define NULL_DEVICE "/dev/null"
#endif #endif
/* Nonzero means don't run process sentinels. This is used
when exiting. */
extern int inhibit_sentinels;
/* arch-tag: dffedfc4-d7bc-4b58-a26f-c16155449c72 /* arch-tag: dffedfc4-d7bc-4b58-a26f-c16155449c72
(do not change this comment) */ (do not change this comment) */
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