Commit 55aed120 authored by Deepak Goel's avatar Deepak Goel
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message format spec fixes, commit # 9

parent 7b8a295e
......@@ -260,7 +260,7 @@ in `load-path'."
(setq function (symbol-function function)
def (symbol-function function)))
(if aliases
(message aliases))
(message "%s" aliases))
(let ((library
(cond ((eq (car-safe def) 'autoload)
(nth 1 def))
......@@ -610,7 +610,7 @@ Prompts for bug subject TOPIC. Leaves you in a mail buffer."
(if version
(insert " version " version))
(newline 2)
(message "%s"
(substitute-command-keys "Type \\[mail-send] to send bug report."))))
(provide 'lisp-mnt)
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