Commit 55c0c3e3 authored by Chunyang Xu's avatar Chunyang Xu Committed by Noam Postavsky
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Fix completing-read call in reb-change-syntax

* lisp/emacs-lisp/re-builder.el (reb-change-syntax): Use 'default' arg
of completing-read.

Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
parent 71871670
......@@ -488,10 +488,10 @@ If the optional PAUSE is non-nil then pause at the end in any case."
Optional argument SYNTAX must be specified if called non-interactively."
(list (intern
(completing-read "Select syntax: "
(mapcar (lambda (el) (cons (symbol-name el) 1))
'(read string sregex rx))
nil t (symbol-name reb-re-syntax)))))
(format "Select syntax (default %s): " reb-re-syntax)
'(read string sregex rx)
nil t nil nil (symbol-name reb-re-syntax)))))
(if (memq syntax '(read string sregex rx))
(let ((buffer (get-buffer reb-buffer)))
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