Commit 55dfee43 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(timeclock-time-to-seconds, timeclock-log-data): Use nth.

(timeclock-completing-read, timeclock-generate-report): Use zerop.
(timeclock-mean, timeclock-generate-report): Use dolist.
parent 17a1af53
......@@ -548,7 +548,7 @@ non-nil, the amount returned will be relative to past time worked."
"Convert TIME to a floating point number."
(+ (* (car time) 65536.0)
(cadr time)
(/ (or (car (cdr (cdr time))) 0) 1000000.0)))
(/ (or (nth 2 time) 0) 1000000.0)))
(defsubst timeclock-seconds-to-time (seconds)
"Convert SECONDS (a floating point number) to an Emacs time structure."
......@@ -632,7 +632,7 @@ PROMPT, ALIST and DEFAULT are used for the PROMPT, COLLECTION and DEF
arguments of `completing-read'."
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(let ((str (completing-read prompt alist)))
(if (or (null str) (= (length str) 0))
(if (or (null str) (zerop (length str)))
(completing-read prompt alist nil nil nil nil default)))
......@@ -839,8 +839,8 @@ This is only provided for coherency when used by
"Template for summing the result of FUNC on each element of DAY-LIST."
`(let ((length 0))
(while day-list
(setq length (+ length (,(eval func) (car day-list))))
(setq day-list (cdr day-list)))
(setq length (+ length (,(eval func) (car day-list)))
day-list (cdr day-list)))
(defun timeclock-day-list-required (day-list)
......@@ -1091,7 +1091,7 @@ See the documentation for the given function if more info is needed."
(if (null proj)
(setcar (cddr log-data)
(cons (cons desc (list entry))
(car (cddr log-data))))
(nth 2 log-data)))
(nconc (cdr proj) (list entry)))))))
(if day
......@@ -1210,13 +1210,12 @@ If optional argument TIME is non-nil, use that instead of the current time."
"Compute the arithmetic mean of the values in the list L."
(let ((total 0)
(count 0))
(while l
(setq total (+ total (car l))
count (1+ count)
l (cdr l)))
(if (> count 0)
(/ total count)
(dolist (thisl l)
(setq total (+ total thisl)
count (1+ count)))
(if (zerop count)
(/ total count))))
(defun timeclock-generate-report (&optional html-p)
"Generate a summary report based on the current timelog file.
......@@ -1232,7 +1231,7 @@ HTML-P is non-nil, HTML markup is added."
(if (timeclock-currently-in-p)
(insert "IN")
(if (or (null project) (= (length project) 0))
(if (zerop (length project))
(progn (insert "Done Working Today")
(setq done t))
(insert "OUT")))
......@@ -1319,22 +1318,22 @@ HTML-P is non-nil, HTML markup is added."
(lengths (vector '(0 0) thirty-days-ago three-months-ago
six-months-ago one-year-ago)))
;; collect statistics from complete timelog
(while day-list
(dolist (day day-list)
(let ((i 0) (l 5))
(while (< i l)
(unless (time-less-p
(timeclock-day-begin (car day-list))
(timeclock-day-begin day)
(aref lengths i))
(let ((base (timeclock-time-to-seconds
(timeclock-day-begin (car day-list))))))
(timeclock-day-begin day)))))
(nconc (aref time-in i)
(list (- (timeclock-time-to-seconds
(timeclock-day-begin (car day-list)))
(timeclock-day-begin day))
(let ((span (timeclock-day-span (car day-list)))
(len (timeclock-day-length (car day-list)))
(req (timeclock-day-required (car day-list))))
(let ((span (timeclock-day-span day))
(len (timeclock-day-length day))
(req (timeclock-day-required day)))
;; If the day's actual work length is less than
;; 70% of its span, then likely the exit time
;; and break amount are not worthwhile adding to
......@@ -1343,14 +1342,13 @@ HTML-P is non-nil, HTML markup is added."
(> (/ (float len) (float span)) 0.70))
(nconc (aref time-out i)
(list (- (timeclock-time-to-seconds
(timeclock-day-end (car day-list)))
(timeclock-day-end day))
(nconc (aref breaks i) (list (- span len))))
(if req
(setq len (+ len (- timeclock-workday req))))
(nconc (aref workday i) (list len)))))
(setq i (1+ i))))
(setq day-list (cdr day-list)))
(setq i (1+ i)))))
;; average statistics
(let ((i 0) (l 5))
(while (< i l)
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