Commit 55e0a9c6 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader


Build-in-place tweak

Patches applied:

   Added sorted-doc to backup regex in lib-src.
parent 30e75a87
# Ignore binaries
backup ^(test-distrib|make-docfile|profile|digest-doc|movemail|cvtmail|fakemail|yow|emacsserver|hexl|update-game-score|etags|ctags|emacsclient|b2m|ebrowse)$
backup ^(test-distrib|make-docfile|profile|digest-doc|movemail|cvtmail|fakemail|yow|emacsserver|hexl|update-game-score|etags|ctags|emacsclient|b2m|ebrowse|sorted-doc)$
# Building actually makes a copy/link of the source file
precious ^(ctags\.c)$
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