Commit 55e86af6 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(dired-goto-file): Don't try matching one line twice.

parent 916a3119
......@@ -1418,7 +1418,10 @@ Returns the new value of the alist."
;; correct) match could have been elsewhere on the
;; ;; line (e.g. "-" would match somewhere in the
;; permission bits).
(setq found (dired-move-to-filename)))))))
(setq found (dired-move-to-filename))
;; If this isn't the right line, move forward to avoid
;; trying this line again.
(forward-line 1))))))
(and found
;; return value of point (i.e., FOUND):
(goto-char found))))
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