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(Building Emacs): Document eval-at-startup.

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......@@ -117,6 +117,18 @@ expect in an ordinary unmodified Emacs. If you feel you must override
normal features for your site, do it with @file{default.el}, so that
users can override your changes if they wish. @xref{Startup Summary}.
In a package that can be preloaded, it is sometimes useful to
specify a computation to be done when Emacs subsequently starts up.
For this, use @code{eval-at-startup}:
@defmacro eval-at-startup body@dots{}
This evaluates the @var{body} forms, either immediately if running in
an Emacs that has already started up, or later when Emacs does start
up. Since the value of the @var{body} forms is not necessarily
available when the @code{eval-at-startup} form is run, that form
always returns @code{nil}.
@end defmacro
@defun dump-emacs to-file from-file
@cindex unexec
This function dumps the current state of Emacs into an executable file
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