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(diff): Doc fix.

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......@@ -80,10 +80,14 @@ were found."
(defun diff (old new &optional switches no-async)
"Find and display the differences between OLD and NEW files.
Interactively the current buffer's file name is the default for NEW
and a backup file for NEW is the default for OLD.
When called interactively, read OLD and NEW using the minibuffer;
the default for NEW is the current buffer's file name, and the
default for OLD is a backup file for NEW, if one exists.
If NO-ASYNC is non-nil, call diff synchronously.
With prefix arg, prompt for diff switches."
When called interactively with a prefix argument, prompt
interactively for diff switches. Otherwise, the switches
specified in `diff-switches' are passed to the diff command."
(let (oldf newf)
(setq newf (buffer-file-name)
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