Commit 560a553a authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* keyboard.c (read_key_sequence): Mark locals as initialized.

parent 69a058fa
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
(decode_keyboard_code, tty_read_avail_input, menu_bar_items):
(parse_tool_bar_item, read_key_sequence, Fread_key_sequence):
(Fread_key_sequence_vector): Rename locals to avoid shadowing.
(read_key_sequence): Mark locals as initialized.
* keyboard.h (make_ctrl_char): New decl.
(mark_kboards): Move decl here ...
......@@ -8866,7 +8866,7 @@ read_key_sequence (Lisp_Object *keybuf, int bufsize, Lisp_Object prompt,
/* The length of the echo buffer when we started reading, and
the length of this_command_keys when we started reading. */
int echo_start;
int echo_start IF_LINT (= 0);
int keys_start;
/* The number of keymaps we're scanning right now, and the number of
......@@ -8944,7 +8944,7 @@ read_key_sequence (Lisp_Object *keybuf, int bufsize, Lisp_Object prompt,
Lisp_Object first_event;
Lisp_Object original_uppercase;
Lisp_Object original_uppercase IF_LINT (= Qnil);
int original_uppercase_position = -1;
/* Gets around Microsoft compiler limitations. */
......@@ -9123,7 +9123,8 @@ read_key_sequence (Lisp_Object *keybuf, int bufsize, Lisp_Object prompt,
while those allow us to restart the entire key sequence,
echo_local_start and keys_local_start allow us to throw away
just one key. */
int echo_local_start, keys_local_start, local_first_binding;
int echo_local_start IF_LINT (= 0);
int keys_local_start, local_first_binding;
eassert (indec.end == t || (indec.end > t && indec.end <= mock_input));
eassert (indec.start <= indec.end);
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