Commit 5632bd0f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x_term_init): Give error if can't open DISPLAY_NAME.

parent ebd3fa6b
2007-09-10 Richard Stallman <>
* xterm.c (x_term_init): Give error if can't open DISPLAY_NAME.
2007-09-10 Micha,Ak(Bl Cadilhac <>
* lisp.h (struct Lisp_Subr): Rename `prompt' field to `intspec'.
......@@ -10586,9 +10586,12 @@ get_bits_and_offset (mask, bits, offset)
*bits = nr;
/* Return 1 if display DISPLAY is available for use, 0 otherwise.
But don't permanently open it, just test its availability. */
x_display_ok (display)
const char * display;
const char *display;
int dpy_ok = 1;
Display *dpy;
......@@ -10601,6 +10604,10 @@ x_display_ok (display)
return dpy_ok;
/* Open a connection to X display DISPLAY_NAME, and return
the structure that describes the open display.
If we cannot contact the display, return null. */
struct x_display_info *
x_term_init (display_name, xrm_option, resource_name)
Lisp_Object display_name;
......@@ -10621,6 +10628,9 @@ x_term_init (display_name, xrm_option, resource_name)
if (! x_display_ok (SDATA (display_name)))
error ("Display %s can't be opened", SDATA (display_name));
#ifdef USE_GTK
#define NUM_ARGV 10
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