Commit 564946b6 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

(compute_fringe_widths): Doc fix.

parent 6aa8858a
......@@ -9053,7 +9053,22 @@ draw_row_fringe_bitmaps (w, row)
/* Compute actual fringe widths */
/* Compute actual fringe widths for frame F.
If REDRAW is 1, redraw F if the fringe settings was actually
modified and F is visible.
Since the combined left and right fringe must occupy an integral
number of columns, we may need to add some pixels to each fringe.
Typically, we add an equal amount (+/- 1 pixel) to each fringe,
but a negative width value is taken literally (after negating it).
We never make the fringes narrower than specified. It is planned
to make fringe bitmaps customizable and expandable, and at that
time, the user will typically specify the minimum number of pixels
needed for his bitmaps, so we shouldn't select anything less than
what is specified.
compute_fringe_widths (f, redraw)
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