Commit 564b670b authored by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
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Synched with Gnus 5.2.31.

parent 845a69dc
......@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@
(require 'mail-utils)
(require 'timezone)
(require 'nnheader)
(require 'message)
(require 'nnmail)
(require 'backquote)
(require 'nnoo)
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
......@@ -149,6 +149,19 @@ It's probably not a very effective to change this variable once you've
run Gnus once. After doing that, you must edit this server from the
server buffer.")
(defvar gnus-message-archive-group nil
"*Name of the group in which to save the messages you've written.
This can either be a string, a list of strings; or an alist
of regexps/functions/forms to be evaluated to return a string (or a list
of strings). The functions are called with the name of the current
group (or nil) as a parameter.
Normally the group names returned by this variable should be
unprefixed -- which implictly means \"store on the archive server\".
However, you may wish to store the message on some other server. In
that case, just return a fully prefixed name of the group --
\"nnml+private:mail.misc\", for instance.")
(defvar gnus-refer-article-method nil
"*Preferred method for fetching an article by Message-ID.
If you are reading news from the local spool (with nnspool), fetching
......@@ -204,8 +217,8 @@ This will most commonly be on a remote machine, and the file will be
fetched by ange-ftp.
This variable can also be a list of directories. In that case, the
first element in the list will be used by default, and the others will
be used as backup sites.
first element in the list will be used by default. The others can
be used when being prompted for a site.
Note that Gnus uses an aol machine as the default directory. If this
feels fundamentally unclean, just think of it as a way to finally get
......@@ -864,7 +877,6 @@ beginning of a line.")
'(vertical 1.0
(summary 0.25 point)
(if gnus-carpal '(summary-carpal 4))
(if gnus-use-trees '(tree 0.25))
(article 1.0)))))
(vertical 1.0
......@@ -1314,12 +1326,20 @@ See `gnus-thread-score-function' for en explanation of what a
"*All new groups that match this regexp will be subscribed automatically.
Note that this variable only deals with new groups. It has no effect
whatsoever on old groups.")
whatsoever on old groups.
New groups that match this regexp will not be handled by
`gnus-subscribe-newsgroup-method'. Instead, they will
be subscribed using `gnus-subscribe-options-newsgroup-method'.")
(defvar gnus-options-subscribe nil
"*All new groups matching this regexp will be subscribed unconditionally.
Note that this variable deals only with new newsgroups. This variable
does not affect old newsgroups.")
does not affect old newsgroups.
New groups that match this regexp will not be handled by
`gnus-subscribe-newsgroup-method'. Instead, they will
be subscribed using `gnus-subscribe-options-newsgroup-method'.")
(defvar gnus-options-not-subscribe nil
"*All new groups matching this regexp will be ignored.
......@@ -1730,7 +1750,7 @@ variable (string, integer, character, etc).")
" (The Gnus Bugfixing Girls + Boys)"
"The mail address of the Gnus maintainers.")
(defconst gnus-version-number "5.3"
(defconst gnus-version-number "5.2.31"
"Version number for this version of Gnus.")
(defconst gnus-version (format "Gnus v%s" gnus-version-number)
......@@ -2096,7 +2116,8 @@ Thank you for your help in stamping out bugs.
gnus-summary-mail-forward gnus-summary-mail-other-window
("gnus-picon" :interactive t gnus-article-display-picons
gnus-group-display-picons gnus-picons-article-display-x-face)
gnus-group-display-picons gnus-picons-article-display-x-face
("gnus-gl" bbb-login bbb-logout bbb-grouplens-group-p
("smiley" :interactive t gnus-smiley-display)
......@@ -3013,7 +3034,8 @@ If variable `gnus-use-long-file-name' is non-nil, it is
(setq groupkey
(if (string-match "^\\(.*\\)\\.[^.]+$" groupkey)
(substring groupkey (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1)))))
(gnus-subscribe-newsgroup newgroup before))))
(gnus-subscribe-newsgroup newgroup before))
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))))
(defun gnus-subscribe-interactively (group)
"Subscribe the new GROUP interactively.
......@@ -3215,6 +3237,7 @@ If RE-ONLY is non-nil, strip leading `Re:'s only."
gnus-group-mark-positions nil
gnus-newsgroup-data nil
gnus-newsgroup-unreads nil
nnoo-state-alist nil
gnus-current-select-method nil)
(gnus-shutdown 'gnus)
;; Kill the startup file.
......@@ -3804,7 +3827,7 @@ simple-first is t, first argument is already simplified."
(apply 'format args)))
(defun gnus-error (level &rest args)
"Beep an error if `gnus-verbose' is on LEVEL or less."
"Beep an error if LEVEL is equal to or less than `gnus-verbose'."
(when (<= (floor level) gnus-verbose)
(apply 'message args)
......@@ -4754,6 +4777,20 @@ If REGEXP, only list groups matching REGEXP."
(pop opened))
(defun gnus-archive-server-wanted-p ()
"Say whether the user wants to use the archive server."
((or (not gnus-message-archive-method)
(not gnus-message-archive-group))
((and gnus-message-archive-method gnus-message-archive-group)
(let ((active (cadr (assq 'nnfolder-active-file
(and active
(file-exists-p active))))))
(defun gnus-group-prefixed-name (group method)
"Return the whole name from GROUP and METHOD."
(and (stringp method) (setq method (gnus-server-to-method method)))
......@@ -6407,8 +6444,10 @@ is returned."
(let* ((prev gnus-newsrc-alist)
(alist (cdr prev)))
(while alist
(if (= (gnus-info-level level) level)
(setcdr prev (cdr alist))
(if (= (gnus-info-level (car alist)) level)
(push (gnus-info-group (car alist)) gnus-killed-list)
(setcdr prev (cdr alist)))
(setq prev alist))
(setq alist (cdr alist)))
......@@ -6529,7 +6568,10 @@ If N is negative, this group and the N-1 previous groups will be checked."
(unless (gnus-virtual-group-p group)
(gnus-close-group group))
(gnus-group-update-group group))
(gnus-error 3 "%s error: %s" group (gnus-status-message group))))
(if (eq (gnus-server-status (gnus-find-method-for-group group))
(gnus-error "Server denied access")
(gnus-error 3 "%s error: %s" group (gnus-status-message group)))))
(when beg (goto-char beg))
(when gnus-goto-next-group-when-activating
(gnus-group-next-unread-group 1 t))
......@@ -6561,18 +6603,17 @@ If N is negative, this group and the N-1 previous groups will be checked."
(defun gnus-group-describe-group (force &optional group)
"Display a description of the current newsgroup."
(interactive (list current-prefix-arg (gnus-group-group-name)))
(when (and force
(gnus-sethash group nil gnus-description-hashtb))
(let ((method (gnus-find-method-for-group group))
(let* ((method (gnus-find-method-for-group group))
(mname (gnus-group-prefixed-name "" method))
(when (and force
(gnus-sethash mname nil gnus-description-hashtb))
(or group (error "No group name given"))
(and (or (and gnus-description-hashtb
;; We check whether this group's method has been
;; queried for a description file.
(gnus-group-prefixed-name "" method)
(gnus-gethash mname gnus-description-hashtb))
(setq desc (gnus-group-get-description group))
(gnus-read-descriptions-file method))
(gnus-message 1
......@@ -7202,6 +7243,8 @@ The following commands are available:
(make-local-variable 'gnus-summary-line-format)
(make-local-variable 'gnus-summary-line-format-spec)
(make-local-variable 'gnus-summary-mark-positions)
(gnus-make-local-hook 'post-command-hook)
(gnus-add-hook 'post-command-hook 'gnus-clear-inboxes-moved nil t)
(run-hooks 'gnus-summary-mode-hook))
(defun gnus-summary-make-local-variables ()
......@@ -8429,11 +8472,16 @@ Unscored articles will be counted as having a score of zero."
;; This function find the total score of the thread below ROOT.
(setq root (car root))
(apply gnus-thread-score-function
(or (cdr (assq (mail-header-number root) gnus-newsgroup-scored))
gnus-summary-default-score 0)
(mapcar 'gnus-thread-total-score
(cdr (gnus-gethash (mail-header-id root)
(or (append
(mapcar 'gnus-thread-total-score
(cdr (gnus-gethash (mail-header-id root)
(if (> (mail-header-number root) 0)
(list (or (cdr (assq (mail-header-number root)
gnus-summary-default-score 0))))
(list gnus-summary-default-score)
;; Added by Per Abrahamsen <>.
(defvar gnus-tmp-prev-subject nil)
......@@ -8558,7 +8606,8 @@ or a straight list of headers."
;; If the article lies outside the current limit,
;; then we do not display it.
((and (not (memq number gnus-newsgroup-limit))
(not gnus-tmp-dummy-line))
;(not gnus-tmp-dummy-line)
(setq gnus-tmp-gathered
(nconc (mapcar
(lambda (h) (mail-header-number (car h)))
......@@ -8939,7 +8988,7 @@ If READ-ALL is non-nil, all articles in the group are selected."
(min (car active))
(max (cdr active))
(types gnus-article-mark-lists)
(uncompressed '(score bookmark))
(uncompressed '(score bookmark killed))
marks var articles article mark)
(while marked-lists
......@@ -8955,12 +9004,12 @@ If READ-ALL is non-nil, all articles in the group are selected."
;; All articles have to be subsets of the active articles.
;; Adjust "simple" lists.
((memq mark '(tick dormant expirable reply killed save))
((memq mark '(tick dormant expirable reply save))
(while articles
(when (or (< (setq article (pop articles)) min) (> article max))
(set var (delq article (symbol-value var))))))
;; Adjust assocs.
((memq mark '(score bookmark))
((memq mark uncompressed)
(while articles
(when (or (not (consp (setq article (pop articles))))
(< (car article) min)
......@@ -10403,8 +10452,7 @@ If BACKWARD, the previous article is selected instead of the next."
;; If not, we try the first unread, if that is wanted.
((and subject
(or (gnus-summary-first-unread-article)
(eq (gnus-summary-article-mark) gnus-canceled-mark)))
(gnus-message 6 "Wrapped"))
;; Try to get next/previous article not displayed in this group.
......@@ -10875,6 +10923,7 @@ If ALL, mark even excluded ticked and dormants as read."
(setq gnus-newsgroup-limit articles)
(let ((total (length gnus-newsgroup-data))
(data (gnus-data-find-list (gnus-summary-article-number)))
(gnus-summary-mark-below nil) ; Inhibit this.
;; This will do all the work of generating the new summary buffer
;; according to the new limit.
......@@ -11843,9 +11892,11 @@ groups."
(if (gnus-group-read-only-p)
1 "The current newsgroup does not support article editing."))
(let ((beep (not (eq major-mode 'text-mode))))
(when beep
3 "The current newsgroup does not support article editing."))))
(let ((buf (format "%s" (buffer-string))))
(insert buf)
......@@ -13484,6 +13535,7 @@ The directory to save in defaults to `gnus-article-save-directory'."
"\M-\t" gnus-article-prev-button
"<" beginning-of-buffer
">" end-of-buffer
"\C-c\C-i" gnus-info-find-node
"\C-c\C-b" gnus-bug)
......@@ -14732,7 +14784,7 @@ Argument LINES specifies lines to be scrolled down."
"Describe article mode commands briefly."
(gnus-message 6
(substitute-command-keys "\\<gnus-article-mode-map>\\[gnus-article-next-page]:Next page \\[gnus-article-prev-page]:Prev page \\[gnus-article-show-summary]:Show summary \\[gnus-info-find-node]:Run Info \\[gnus-article-describe-briefly]:This help")))
(substitute-command-keys "\\<gnus-article-mode-map>\\[gnus-article-goto-next-page]:Next page \\[gnus-article-goto-prev-page]:Prev page \\[gnus-article-show-summary]:Show summary \\[gnus-info-find-node]:Run Info \\[gnus-article-describe-briefly]:This help")))
(defun gnus-article-summary-command ()
"Execute the last keystroke in the summary buffer."
......@@ -14762,6 +14814,8 @@ Argument LINES specifies lines to be scrolled down."
'("q" "Q" "c" "r" "R" "\C-c\C-f" "m" "a" "f" "F"
"Zc" "ZC" "ZE" "ZQ" "ZZ" "Zn" "ZR" "ZG" "ZN" "ZP"
"=" "^" "\M-^" "|"))
(set-buffer gnus-summary-buffer)
......@@ -14769,12 +14823,18 @@ Argument LINES specifies lines to be scrolled down."
(setq keys (read-key-sequence nil)))
(message "")
(if (member keys nosaves)
(if (or (member keys nosaves)
(member keys nosave-but-article))
(let (func)
(pop-to-buffer gnus-summary-buffer 'norecord)
(if (setq func (lookup-key (current-local-map) keys))
(call-interactively func)
(pop-to-buffer gnus-summary-buffer 'norecord)
(setq func (lookup-key (current-local-map) keys)))
(if (not func)
(set-buffer gnus-summary-buffer)
(call-interactively func))
(when (member keys nosave-but-article)
(pop-to-buffer gnus-article-buffer 'norecord)))
(let ((obuf (current-buffer))
(owin (current-window-configuration))
(opoint (point))
......@@ -14909,6 +14969,7 @@ If NEWSGROUP is nil, return the global kill file name instead."
(set-buffer gnus-dribble-buffer)
(insert string "\n")
(set-window-point (get-buffer-window (current-buffer)) (point-max))
(bury-buffer gnus-dribble-buffer)
(set-buffer obuf))))
(defun gnus-dribble-read-file ()
......@@ -15368,6 +15429,10 @@ If GROUP is nil, all groups on METHOD are scanned."
(setcar (cdr entry) (concat (nth 1 entry) "+" group))
(nconc entry (cdr method))))
(defun gnus-server-status (method)
"Return the status of METHOD."
(nth 1 (assoc method gnus-opened-servers)))
(defun gnus-group-name-to-method (group)
"Return a select method suitable for GROUP."
(if (string-match ":" group)
......@@ -15438,7 +15503,7 @@ If LEVEL is non-nil, the news will be set up at level LEVEL."
(gnus-read-newsrc-file rawfile))
(when (and (not (assoc "archive" gnus-server-alist))
(push (cons "archive" gnus-message-archive-method)
......@@ -15588,7 +15653,7 @@ the server for new groups."
(let* ((date (or gnus-newsrc-last-checked-date (current-time-string)))
(methods (cons gnus-select-method
(when gnus-message-archive-method
(when (gnus-archive-server-wanted-p)
(list "archive"))
(and (consp gnus-check-new-newsgroups)
......@@ -16187,7 +16252,7 @@ Returns whether the updating was successful."
;; secondary ones.
;; Also read from the archive server.
(when gnus-message-archive-method
(when (gnus-archive-server-wanted-p)
(list "archive"))))
(setq gnus-have-read-active-file nil)
......@@ -16999,7 +17064,7 @@ If FORCE is non-nil, the .newsrc file is read."
(defun gnus-read-all-descriptions-files ()
(let ((methods (cons gnus-select-method
(when gnus-message-archive-method
(when (gnus-archive-server-wanted-p)
(list "archive"))
(while methods
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