Commit 564dc952 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* keyboard.c (Vdouble_click_time): Renamed from double_click_time,

	and made a Lisp_Object instead of an int.
	(make_lispy_event): If Vdouble_click_time is t, impose no time
	limit on double-clicks.
	(syms_of_keyboard): DEFVAR_LISP (not DEFVAR_INT)
	Vdouble_click_time (not double_click_time), and adjust doc string
	to say that `nil' means no double clicks, and `t' means no time
parent 3eea8aa2
......@@ -2157,9 +2157,10 @@ static int button_up_x;
static int button_up_y;
static unsigned long button_up_time;
/* The minimum time between clicks to make a double-click. */
int double_click_time;
/* The maximum time between clicks to make a double-click,
or Qnil to disable double-click detection,
or Qt for no time limit. */
Lisp_Object Vdouble_click_time;
/* The number of clicks in this multiple-click. */
......@@ -2347,8 +2348,10 @@ make_lispy_event (event)
&& XINT (event->x) == button_up_x
&& XINT (event->y) == button_up_y
&& button_up_time != 0
&& ((int)(event->timestamp - button_up_time)
< double_click_time))
&& (EQ (Vdouble_click_time, Qt)
|| (INTEGERP (Vdouble_click_time)
&& ((int)(event->timestamp - button_up_time)
< XINT (Vdouble_click_time)))))
event->modifiers |= ((double_click_count > 2)
......@@ -5084,10 +5087,10 @@ Polling is needed only when using X windows and SIGIO does not work.\n\
Polling is automatically disabled in all other cases.");
polling_period = 2;
DEFVAR_INT ("double-click-time", &double_click_time,
DEFVAR_LISP ("double-click-time", &Vdouble_click_time,
"*Maximum time between mouse clicks to make a double-click.\n\
Measured in milliseconds. Zero means disable double-click recognition;\n\
a large number means double-clicks have no time limit and are detected\n\
Measured in milliseconds. nil means disable double-click recognition;\n\
t means double-clicks have no time limit and are detected\n\
by position only.");
double_click_time = 500;
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