Commit 566f5ae6 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(diary-mark-entries-1): Fix position offsets in non-gregorian case.

parent 78d2cbe1
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
(diary-display-no-entries): New function.
(simple-diary-display, fancy-diary-display): Use it.
(fancy-diary-display): Doc fix. Remove unneeded local entry-list.
(diary-mark-entries-1): Fix position offsets in non-gregorian case.
2008-03-26 Jay Belanger <>
......@@ -1108,24 +1108,21 @@ function that converts absolute dates to dates of the appropriate type. "
(day "[0-9]+\\|\\*")
(year "[0-9]+\\|\\*")
(case-fold-search t)
;; FIXME is this the right reason for 1 versus 2?
;; Should docs of symbols say must be single character?
(inc (if symbol 2 1))
(dolist (date-form diary-date-forms)
(if (eq (car date-form) 'backup) ; ignore 'backup directive
(setq date-form (cdr date-form)))
(let* ((l (length date-form))
(d-name-pos (- l (length (memq 'dayname date-form))))
(d-name-pos (if (/= l d-name-pos) (+ inc d-name-pos)))
(d-name-pos (if (/= l d-name-pos) (1+ d-name-pos)))
(m-name-pos (- l (length (memq 'monthname date-form))))
(m-name-pos (if (/= l m-name-pos) (+ inc m-name-pos)))
(m-name-pos (if (/= l m-name-pos) (1+ m-name-pos)))
(d-pos (- l (length (memq 'day date-form))))
(d-pos (if (/= l d-pos) (+ inc d-pos)))
(d-pos (if (/= l d-pos) (1+ d-pos)))
(m-pos (- l (length (memq 'month date-form))))
(m-pos (if (/= l m-pos) (+ inc m-pos)))
(m-pos (if (/= l m-pos) (1+ m-pos)))
(y-pos (- l (length (memq 'year date-form))))
(y-pos (if (/= l y-pos) (+ inc y-pos)))
(y-pos (if (/= l y-pos) (1+ y-pos)))
(regexp (format "^%s\\(%s\\)"
(if symbol (regexp-quote symbol) "")
(mapconcat 'eval date-form "\\)\\("))))
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