Commit 567c757d authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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get rid of "unix" pre-defined macro when preprocessing Makefile

parent bf3126f6
......@@ -3162,7 +3162,7 @@ test "${exec_prefix}" != NONE &&
# the C preprocessor to some helpful value like 1, or maybe the empty
# string. Needless to say consequent macro substitutions are less
# than conducive to the makefile finding the correct directory.
[cpp_undefs="`echo $srcdir $configuration $canonical |
[cpp_undefs="`echo $srcdir $configuration $canonical unix |
sed -e 's/[^a-zA-Z0-9_]/ /g' -e 's/^/ /' -e 's/ *$//' \
-e 's/ */ -U/g' -e 's/-U[0-9][^ ]*//g'`"]
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