Commit 569c11e3 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(set_internal): Set the value in the `cons-cell' (for

Buffer_Local_values) not only for frame-local variables.
parent 693b2fe2
2007-11-22 Stefan Monnier <>
* data.c (set_internal): Set the value in the `cons-cell' (for
Buffer_Local_values) not only for frame-local variables.
2007-11-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* data.c (Fnumber_to_string): Add cast when passing EMACS_INT
......@@ -13,7 +18,7 @@
2007-11-22 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* term.c: Include stdarg.h.
(fatal): Implement using varargs.
(fatal): Implement using varargs.
* lisp.h (fatal): Add argument types. (Restore 2005-09-30 change).
2007-11-21 Stefan Monnier <>
......@@ -1238,6 +1238,7 @@ set_internal (symbol, newval, buf, bindflag)
|| buf != XBUFFER (XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->buffer)
|| (XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->check_frame
&& !EQ (selected_frame, XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->frame))
/* Also unload a global binding (if the var is local_if_set). */
|| (EQ (XCAR (current_alist_element),
......@@ -1257,7 +1258,7 @@ set_internal (symbol, newval, buf, bindflag)
/* This buffer still sees the default value. */
/* If the variable is a Lisp_Some_Buffer_Local_Value,
/* If the variable is not local_if_set,
or if this is `let' rather than `set',
make CURRENT-ALIST-ELEMENT point to itself,
indicating that we're seeing the default value.
......@@ -1298,6 +1299,9 @@ set_internal (symbol, newval, buf, bindflag)
XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->frame = selected_frame;
innercontents = XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->realvalue;
/* Store the new value in the cons-cell. */
XSETCDR (XCAR (XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->cdr), newval);
/* If storing void (making the symbol void), forward only through
......@@ -1307,24 +1311,6 @@ set_internal (symbol, newval, buf, bindflag)
store_symval_forwarding (symbol, innercontents, newval, buf);
/* If we just set a variable whose current binding is frame-local,
store the new value in the frame parameter too. */
if (BUFFER_LOCAL_VALUEP (valcontents))
/* What binding is loaded right now? */
= XCAR (XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->cdr);
/* If the current buffer is not the buffer whose binding is
loaded, or if there may be frame-local bindings and the frame
isn't the right one, or if it's a Lisp_Buffer_Local_Value and
the default binding is loaded, the loaded binding may be the
wrong one. */
if (XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->found_for_frame)
XSETCDR (current_alist_element, newval);
return newval;
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