Commit 56b654bb authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(tex-cmd-bibtex-args): Add :version and :group.

parent f4a3cc44
......@@ -1975,7 +1975,9 @@ FILE is typically the output DVI or PDF file."
(defcustom tex-cmd-bibtex-args "--min-crossref=100"
"Extra args to pass to `bibtex' by default."
:type 'string)
:type 'string
:version "23.1"
:group 'tex-run)
(defun tex-format-cmd (format fspec)
"Like `format-spec' but adds user-specified args to the command.
......@@ -1990,7 +1992,7 @@ Only applies the FSPEC to the args part of FORMAT."
(concat prefix cmd
(if extra-args (concat " " extra-args))
" " (format-spec args fspec)))))
(defun tex-compile-default (fspec)
"Guess a default command given the `format-spec' FSPEC."
;; TODO: Learn to do latex+dvips!
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