Commit 5702da69 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(ido-enter-matching-directory): Rename from

ido-enter-single-matching-directory.  Change 'slash choice to
'only. 	Add 'first choice.
(ido-exhibit): Adapt to above changes.
parent 99cb6791
......@@ -688,12 +688,17 @@ not provide the normal completion. To show the completions, use C-a."
:type 'boolean
:group 'ido)
(defcustom ido-enter-single-matching-directory 'slash
"*Automatically enter sub-directory if it is the only matching item, if non-nil.
If value is 'slash, only enter if typing final slash, else do it always."
(defcustom ido-enter-matching-directory 'only
"*Additional methods to enter sub-directory of first/only matching item.
If value is 'first, enter first matching sub-directory when typing a slash.
If value is 'only, typing a slash only enters the sub-directory if it is
the only matching item.
If value is t, automatically enter a sub-directory when it is the only
matching item, even without typing a slash."
:type '(choice (const :tag "Never" nil)
(const :tag "When typing /" slash)
(other :tag "Always" t))
(const :tag "Slash enters first directory" first)
(const :tag "Slash enters first and only directory" only)
(other :tag "Always enter unique directory" t))
:group 'ido)
(defcustom ido-create-new-buffer 'prompt
......@@ -3992,12 +3997,13 @@ For details of keybindings, do `\\[describe-function] ido-find-file'."
(ido-trace "new " ido-matches)
(when (and ido-enter-single-matching-directory
(when (and ido-enter-matching-directory
(null (cdr ido-matches))
(or (eq ido-enter-matching-directory 'first)
(null (cdr ido-matches)))
(ido-final-slash (car ido-matches))
(or try-single-dir-match
(eq ido-enter-single-matching-directory t)))
(eq ido-enter-matching-directory t)))
(ido-trace "single match" (car ido-matches))
(concat ido-current-directory (car ido-matches)))
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