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Rudimentary error handling for non-main threads

* src/thread.c (last_thread_error): New static variable.
(syms_of_threads): Staticpro it.
(record_thread_error, Fthread_last_error): New functions.
(syms_of_threads): Defsubr Fthread_last_error.

* doc/lispref/threads.texi (Basic Thread Functions): Document

* test/src/thread-tests.el (thread-errors, thread-signal-early)
(threads-condvar-wait): Test the values returned by
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......@@ -127,6 +127,17 @@ Return a list of all the live thread objects. A new list is returned
by each invocation.
@end defun
When code run by a thread signals an error that is unhandled, the
thread exits. Other threads can access the error form which caused
the thread to exit using the following function.
@defun thread-last-error
This function returns the last error form recorded when a thread
exited due to an error. Each thread that exits abnormally overwrites
the form stored by the previous thread's error with a new value, so
only the last one can be accessed.
@end defun
@node Mutexes
@section Mutexes
......@@ -663,10 +663,13 @@ invoke_thread_function (void)
return unbind_to (count, Qnil);
static Lisp_Object last_thread_error;
static Lisp_Object
do_nothing (Lisp_Object whatever)
record_thread_error (Lisp_Object error_form)
return whatever;
last_thread_error = error_form;
return error_form;
static void *
......@@ -695,7 +698,7 @@ run_thread (void *state)
handlerlist_sentinel->next = NULL;
/* It might be nice to do something with errors here. */
internal_condition_case (invoke_thread_function, Qt, do_nothing);
internal_condition_case (invoke_thread_function, Qt, record_thread_error);
update_processes_for_thread_death (Fcurrent_thread ());
......@@ -944,6 +947,13 @@ DEFUN ("all-threads", Fall_threads, Sall_threads, 0, 0, 0,
return result;
DEFUN ("thread-last-error", Fthread_last_error, Sthread_last_error, 0, 0, 0,
doc: /* Return the last error form recorded by a dying thread. */)
return last_thread_error;
......@@ -1028,6 +1038,10 @@ syms_of_threads (void)
defsubr (&Scondition_notify);
defsubr (&Scondition_mutex);
defsubr (&Scondition_name);
defsubr (&Sthread_last_error);
staticpro (&last_thread_error);
last_thread_error = Qnil;
DEFSYM (Qthreadp, "threadp");
......@@ -222,8 +222,15 @@
(ert-deftest thread-errors ()
"Test what happens when a thread signals an error."
(should (threadp (make-thread #'call-error "call-error")))
(should (threadp (make-thread #'thread-custom "thread-custom"))))
(let (th1 th2)
(setq th1 (make-thread #'call-error "call-error"))
(should (threadp th1))
(while (thread-alive-p th1)
(should (equal (thread-last-error)
'(error "Error is called")))
(setq th2 (make-thread #'thread-custom "thread-custom"))
(should (threadp th2))))
(ert-deftest thread-sticky-point ()
"Test bug #25165 with point movement in cloned buffer."
......@@ -242,7 +249,8 @@
(while t (thread-yield))))))
(thread-signal thread 'error nil)
(sit-for 1)
(should-not (thread-alive-p thread))))
(should-not (thread-alive-p thread))
(should (equal (thread-last-error) '(error)))))
(defvar threads-condvar nil)
......@@ -287,6 +295,7 @@
(thread-signal new-thread 'error '("Die, die, die!"))
(sleep-for 0.1)
;; Make sure the thread died.
(should (= (length (all-threads)) 1))))
(should (= (length (all-threads)) 1))
(should (equal (thread-last-error) '(error "Die, die, die!")))))
;;; threads.el ends here
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