Commit 5715f853 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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Update reference to renamed Buffer-menu-buffer face

2005-06-22  Miles Bader  <>

   * lisp/bindings.el (propertized-buffer-identification): Use renamed
   `Buffer-menu-buffer' face.
parent 98c751fe
......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@
2005-06-22 Miles Bader <>
* bindings.el (propertized-buffer-identification): Use renamed
`Buffer-menu-buffer' face.
* faces.el (vertical-border): Renamed from `vertical-divider'.
(escape-glyph): Change dark-background color back to `cyan'.
......@@ -471,7 +471,7 @@ Menu of mode operations in the mode line.")
FMT is a format specifier such as \"%12b\". This function adds
text properties for face, help-echo, and local-map to it."
(list (propertize fmt
'face 'Buffer-menu-buffer-face
'face 'Buffer-menu-buffer
(purecopy "mouse-1: previous buffer, mouse-3: next buffer")
'mouse-face 'mode-line-highlight
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