Commit 573cd924 authored by Eric S. Raymond's avatar Eric S. Raymond
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*** empty log message ***

parent cd5e3fae
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ Does not execute select, save, or delete commands."
(eq (key-binding " ") 'Electric-buffer-menu-select)
(eq (key-binding help-key) 'Helper-help)
(eq (key-binding "?") 'Helper-describe-bindings))
"Type C-c C-c to exit, Space to select, C-h for help, ? for commands"
(substitute-command-keys "Type C-c C-c to exit, Space to select, \\[Helper-help] for help, ? for commands")
(substitute-command-keys "\
Type \\[Electric-buffer-menu-quit] to exit, \
\\[Electric-buffer-menu-select] to select, \
......@@ -67,6 +67,9 @@ and \"-de\" when dehexlfying a buffer.")
(defvar hexl-max-address 0
"Maximum offset into hexl buffer.")
(defvar help-key "\C-h"
"*Key used to invoke electric help.")
(defvar hexl-mode-map nil)
;; routines
......@@ -586,8 +589,8 @@ You may also type up to 3 octal digits, to insert a character with that code"
(define-key hexl-mode-map "\C-e" 'hexl-end-of-line)
(define-key hexl-mode-map "\C-f" 'hexl-forward-char)
(if (not (eq (key-binding "\C-h") 'help-command))
(define-key hexl-mode-map "\C-h" 'undefined))
(if (not (eq (key-binding help-key) 'help-command))
(define-key hexl-mode-map help-key 'undefined))
(define-key hexl-mode-map "\C-i" 'hexl-self-insert-command)
(define-key hexl-mode-map "\C-j" 'hexl-self-insert-command)
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