Commit 574bc51d authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(rmail-show-message-1): New name for the old rmail-show-message.

Update callers.
parent 95ca567f
......@@ -1472,7 +1472,7 @@ The duplicate copy goes into the Rmail file just after the original."
(goto-char (point-max))
(set-buffer-modified-p t)
(rmail-show-message n))
(rmail-show-message-1 n))
(if (rmail-summary-exists)
(rmail-select-summary (rmail-update-summary)))
(message "Message duplicated"))
......@@ -2479,7 +2479,7 @@ N defaults to the current message."
(let ((blurb (rmail-show-message n)))
(let ((blurb (rmail-show-message-1 n)))
(or (zerop rmail-total-messages)
(when mail-mailing-lists
......@@ -2515,7 +2515,7 @@ N defaults to the current message."
:type 'integer
:group 'rmail)
(defun rmail-show-message (&optional msg)
(defun rmail-show-message-1 (&optional msg)
"Show message MSG (default: current message) using `rmail-view-buffer'.
Return text to display in the minibuffer if MSG is out of
range (displaying a reasonable choice as well), nil otherwise.
......@@ -2644,7 +2644,7 @@ buffer to the end of the headers."
;; Handle the case where all headers should be copied.
((eq rmail-header-style 'full)
(prepend-to-buffer rmail-view-buffer beg (point-max))
;; rmail-show-message expects this function to leave point
;; rmail-show-message-1 expects this function to leave point
;; at the end of the headers.
(with-current-buffer rmail-view-buffer
(search-forward "\n\n" nil t)))
......@@ -3246,7 +3246,7 @@ See also user-option `rmail-confirm-expunge'."
(rmail-only-expunge dont-show)
(if (rmail-summary-exists)
(rmail-select-summary (rmail-update-summary))
(rmail-show-message rmail-current-message)
(rmail-show-message-1 rmail-current-message)
(if (and (eq old-total rmail-total-messages) opoint)
(goto-char opoint))))))
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