Commit 5765826d authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(find-definition-noselect): Fix typo in the doc string:

"functoin" => "function".
parent 43c7b301
......@@ -10285,7 +10285,7 @@ See `find-variable' for more details.
(autoload (quote find-definition-noselect) "find-func" "\
Return a pair `(BUFFER . POINT)' pointing to the definition of SYMBOL.
TYPE says what type of definition: nil for a function,
`defvar' or `defface' for a variable or face. This functoin
`defvar' or `defface' for a variable or face. This function
does not switch to the buffer or display it.
The library where SYMBOL is defined is searched for in FILE or
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