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(Help): Describe an orderly procedure to find features in the docs.

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......@@ -36,6 +36,42 @@ scroll conveniently with @key{SPC} and @key{DEL}. It also offers
hyperlinks to more help on cross-referenced names, Info nodes,
customization buffers and the like. @xref{Help Mode}.
@cindex searching documentation efficiently
@cindex looking for a subject in documentation
If you are looking for a certain feature, but don't know where exactly
it is documented, and aren't even sure what is the name of the related
command or option, we recommend the following procedure:
@table @kbd
@item C-h a @var{topic} @key{RET}
This searches the built-in short documentation of each command for
strings which match @var{topic}. @var{topic} can be a regular
expression (@pxref{Regexps}). Browse the buffer popped up by Emacs, to
find what you are looking for.
@item M-x apropos @var{topic} @key{RET}
This works like @kbd{C-h a}, but it also searches the documentation of
user options and other variables, in case the feature you are looking
for is controlled by an option, not a command.
@item C-h i emacs @key{RET} i @var{topic} @key{RET}
This looks up @var{topic} in the indices of the Emacs on-line manual.
Press @key{,} repetitively until you find what you are looking for.
@item C-h i emacs @key{RET} s @var{topic} @key{RET}
This works like the previous command, but it searches for @var{topic}
(which can be a regular expression) in the @emph{text} of the manual
rather than in its indices.
@item C-h F
This brings up the Emacs FAQ, where you can use the usual search
commands (@pxref{Search}) to find the information.
@item M-x finder-by-keyword
Finally, you can try looking up a suitable package using keywords
pertinent to the feature you need.
@end table
* Help Summary:: Brief list of all Help commands.
* Key Help:: Asking what a key does in Emacs.
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