Commit 5772ed4b authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(Fclear_face_cache, Fx_send_client_event): Declare.

parent ff110450
2007-08-22 Stefan Monnier <>
* lisp.h (Fclear_face_cache, Fx_send_client_event): Declare.
* lread.c (Vold_style_backquotes): New var.
(syms_of_lread): Init and export it to Elisp.
(read1): Set it when we find an old-style (back)quote.
......@@ -3238,6 +3238,7 @@ EXFUN (Fx_file_dialog, 5);
/* Defined in xfaces.c */
EXFUN (Fclear_face_cache, 1);
extern void syms_of_xfaces P_ ((void));
......@@ -3253,6 +3254,7 @@ extern void syms_of_xfns P_ ((void));
extern void syms_of_xsmfns P_ ((void));
/* Defined in xselect.c */
EXFUN (Fx_send_client_event, 6);
extern void syms_of_xselect P_ ((void));
/* Defined in xterm.c */
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