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* admin/notes/copyright: Remove info on some files no longer present.

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......@@ -120,7 +120,10 @@ or even ChangeLogs, for older changes. People often installed changes
from others, without recording the true authorship.
[For reference, most of these points were established via email with
rms, 2007/1, "Copyright years".]
rms, 2007/1, "Copyright years".
In March 2011, information on some files no longer included was removed.
Consult older versions of this document if interested.]
lisp/version.el # emacs-copyright
......@@ -146,13 +149,6 @@ install-sh
also update the \def\year macro for the latest year.
etc/BABYL, ms-kermit
no notices (see below).
- written by Michael DeCorte, who has no assignment. But trivial
enough to not need license.
- doesn't need a humorless disclaimer, because Karl Fogel says we
can consider it part of Emacs, and he has a blanker disclaimer for
......@@ -385,9 +381,9 @@ does now.
- contains numerous copyrights from the GNU C library. Leave them alone.
src/acldef.h, chpdef.h, ndir.h
- see comments below. These files are OK to be released with Emacs
22, but we may want to revisit them afterwards.
- see comments below. This file is OK to be released with Emacs
22, but we may want to revisit it afterwards.
** Some notes on resolved issues, for historical information only
......@@ -398,15 +394,6 @@ which year, I can probably tell you which.) Either way, we have papers
for it." It was present in Emacs-16.56 (15-jul-85). rms: "Then I
conclude it was written by me."
Very obsolete file removed March 2007. Doesn't say who the author
is, but web-search suggests Karl Kleinpaste, who has no Emacs
assignment. Trivial anyway.\
(original 1987 source)
- had no copyright notice till Feb 2007. ChangeLog.3 suggests it was
written by Eric Raymond. When asked by rms on 14 Feb 2007 he said:
......@@ -427,20 +414,6 @@ src/unexhp9k800.c
HP. So this file is public domain.
K Rodgers changes
It was pointed out that K Rodgers only had assigments for VC and
ps-print, but had changed several other files. We tried to contact
him for a general assignment, but he proved uncommunicative (despite
initially indicating to rms he would sign an assignment). As a result, his
changes were removed and/or rewritten independently. For details, see
But then an assignment arrived before the release of Emacs 22:
Dave Love alerted us to a potential legal problem:
......@@ -456,14 +429,8 @@
File says it's in the public domain, but that might not make it so.
File written long ago by authors with no assignment. Keep them
without notices for now, try and contact authors if possible. Be
ready to remove these files if the authors ever object.
src/acldef.h, chpdef.h, ndir.h
On legal advice from Matt Norwood, the following comment was added
to these files in Feb/Mar 2007:
......@@ -476,22 +443,6 @@ src/acldef.h, chpdef.h, ndir.h
and possibly add a list of all authors who have changed these files.
(details in email from Matt Norwood to rms, 2007/02/03).
Says it was written by Andy Lowry and Joel Spolsky. No entry for
either in copyright.list. NB this file is not "constrained" like
ms-kermit (rms: "We know it isn't. A comment at the front says it has
other bindings which might be handy."). File removed March 2007.
Re-add if clear up status at some point.
No info on author. File removed March 2007. rms: "It says it is
RLK's way of remapping his keyboard, so it is not constrained. I think
it was written by RLK. Let's delete it; if we contact RLK again, we
can put it back." Actually, RLK == Robert Krawitz has an Emacs
assignment. So this could be restored if it is still useful, but Jan Djärv
says it is obsolete:
src/s/aix3-2.h, hpux8.h, hpux9.h, irix5-0.h, netbsd.h, usg5-4-2.h
[note some of these have since been merged into other files]
- all these (not obviously trivial) files were missing copyrights
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