Commit 5784e319 authored by Christopher Schmidt's avatar Christopher Schmidt
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* symbols.texi (Standard Properties): Document pure. (Bug#13823)

parent 69489f1d
2013-03-17 Christopher Schmidt <>
* symbols.texi (Standard Properties): Document pure. (Bug#13823)
2013-03-16 Glenn Morris <>
* elisp.texi: Add some stuff specific to
......@@ -539,8 +539,9 @@ deleted from the local value of a hook variable when changing major
modes. @xref{Setting Hooks}.
@item pure
This property is used internally to mark certain named functions for
byte compiler optimization. Do not set it.
If the value is non-@code{nil}, the named function is considered to be
side-effect free. Calls with constant arguments can be evaluated at
compile time. This may shift run time errors to compile time.
@item risky-local-variable
If the value is non-@code{nil}, the named variable is considered risky
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