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* admin/notes/bzr: Some bisect tips.

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......@@ -307,6 +307,18 @@ When finished, use
or simply delete the entire branch if you created it just for this.
** Some tips for speeding up bisections:
*** Use ./configure --without-all --cache-file=/tmp/config.cache
(assuming the thing you are testing for does not need a feature that
--without-all disables).
*** Rather than `make', use `make -C lib && make -C src bootstrap-emacs
&& make -C src emacs', to avoid compiling the non-essential lisp files
(unless the thing you are testing for only shows up in compiled files;
if so compile just the relevant ones). Obviously use whatever make -j
option is appropriate for your system.
* Commit emails
** Old method: bzr-hookless-email
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