Commit 57a230b1 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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parent e4edc5cd
2005-01-10 Kim F. Storm <>
* dispextern.h (merge_faces): Rename from merge_into_realized_face.
* xfaces.c (merge_faces): Rename from merge_into_realized_face.
Callers changed.
Add support to merge with lisp face id too (if face_name is t).
* xdisp.c (get_next_display_element, next_element_from_display_vector):
Don't lookup lface_id from display table glyphs here; instead use
merge_faces to merge the lisp face id into current face.
2005-01-09 Kim F. Storm <>
* dispextern.h (struct it): New member dpvec_face_id.
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