Commit 57ac0298 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(frame-notice-user-settings): Don't call

frame-update-faces, which is a no-op now.
parent 8901d1ac
...@@ -409,9 +409,7 @@ React to settings of `default-frame-alist', `initial-frame-alist' there." ...@@ -409,9 +409,7 @@ React to settings of `default-frame-alist', `initial-frame-alist' there."
(when (assq 'background-color newparms) (when (assq 'background-color newparms)
(unless (assq 'background-mode newparms) (unless (assq 'background-mode newparms)
(frame-set-background-mode frame-initial-frame)) (frame-set-background-mode frame-initial-frame))
(face-set-after-frame-default frame-initial-frame)) (face-set-after-frame-default frame-initial-frame)))))
(if (assq 'font newparms)
(frame-update-faces frame-initial-frame)))))
;; Restore the original buffer. ;; Restore the original buffer.
(set-buffer old-buffer) (set-buffer old-buffer)
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