Commit 57cc52be authored by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen Committed by Katsumi Yamaoka
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nnimap.el (nnimap-request-set-mark): Add is "+", not "-".

parent 5f285722
2010-11-26 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* nnimap.el (nnimap-request-set-mark): Add is "+", not "-".
* gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-push-marks-to-backend): Use 'set instead of
'add and 'delete to set backend marks.
......@@ -928,6 +928,7 @@ textual parts.")
(deffoo nnimap-request-set-mark (group actions &optional server)
(when (nnimap-possibly-change-group group server)
(let (sequence)
(with-current-buffer (nnimap-buffer)
......@@ -943,7 +944,7 @@ textual parts.")
(nnimap-article-ranges range)
((eq action 'del) "-")
((eq action 'add) "-")
((eq action 'add) "+")
((eq action 'set) ""))
(mapconcat #'identity flags " ")))))))
;; Wait for the last command to complete to avoid later
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