Commit 57e3d22a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(main): For SIGHUP, use sigblock and sigunblock,

not sigblockx and sigunblockx.
parent 2a5af1cf
......@@ -675,13 +675,13 @@ Usage: %s [-t term] [--terminal term] [-nw] [--no-windows] [--batch]\n\
sigblockx (SIGHUP);
sigblock (sigmask (SIGHUP));
/* In --batch mode, don't catch SIGHUP if already ignored.
That makes nohup work. */
if (! noninteractive
|| signal (SIGHUP, SIG_IGN) != SIG_IGN)
signal (SIGHUP, fatal_error_signal);
sigunblockx (SIGHUP);
sigunblock (sigmask (SIGHUP));
if (
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