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* admin/notes/bzr: Your very own Loggerhead server.

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......@@ -179,3 +179,24 @@ where revision N+1 is the one where file was removed.
You could also try `bzr add --file-ids-from', if you have a copy of
another branch where file still exists.
* Loggerhead
Loggerhead is the bzr tool for viewing a repository over http (similar
to ViewVC). The central version is at,
but if you just like the way this interface presents data, then if
you have your own copy of the repository, you can operate your own
Loggerhead server in stand-alone mode, and so help to reduce the load
on Savannah:
bzr branch lp:loggerhead ~/.bazaar/plugins/loggerhead
cd /path/to/emacs/bzr
bzr serve --http
You may need to install some Python dependencies to get this command to work.
For example, on RHEL6 I needed:
yum install python-paste python-simplejson
yum --enablerepo=epel install python-simpletal
Then point your web-browser to .
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