Commit 580250aa authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

Make functions setup-LANGUAGE-environment

interactive and add new functions describe-LANGUAGE-support for
all LANGUAGEs supported.  Remove resisterations of input methods
which use the function encoded-kbd-select-terminal.
Typo in comment fixed.
parent 164c39f7
......@@ -69,23 +69,36 @@
'("quail-latin-5" quail-use-package "quail/latin"))
(defun setup-european-environment ()
"Setup multilingual environment (MULE) for European languages users.
It actually reset MULE to the default status, and
set quail-latin-1 as the default input method to be selected.
See also the documentation of setup-english-environment."
(setq default-input-method '("European" . "quail-latin-1")))
(setq default-input-method '("European" . "quail-latin-1"))
(defun describe-european-support ()
"Describe how Emacs support European languages."
(describe-language-support-internal "European"))
"European" '((setup-function . setup-european-environment)
(describe-function . describe-european-support)
(charset . (ascii latin-iso8859-1 latin-iso8859-2
latin-iso8859-3 latin-iso8859-4 latin-iso8859-9))
(coding-system . (iso-8859-1 iso-8859-2 iso-8859-3
iso-8859-4 iso-8859-9))
(documentation . t)
. "Hello, Hej, Tere, Hei, Bonjour, Gr,A|_(B Gott, Ciao, ,A!(BHola!")))
. "Hello, Hej, Tere, Hei, Bonjour, Gr,A|_(B Gott, Ciao, ,A!(BHola!")
(documentation . "\
Almost all of European languages are supported by the character sets and
coding systems listed below.
To input them, LEIM (Libraries for Emacs Input Methods) should have been
(let ((languages '("French" "German" "Spanish" "Italian"
;; We have to list much more European langauges here.
;; We have to list much more European languages here.
(val '("quail-latin-1" quail-use-package "quail/latin")))
(while languages
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