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Remove info on Purify, which isn't free software.

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......@@ -374,40 +374,6 @@ appearing on another. Then, when the bug happens, you can go back to
the machine where you started GDB and use the debugger from there.
** Running Emacs with Purify
Some people who are willing to use non-free software use Purify. We
can't ethically ask you to become a Purify user; but if you have it,
and you test Emacs with it, we will not refuse to look at the results
you find.
Emacs compiled with Purify won't run without some hacking. Here are
some of the changes you might find necessary (SYSTEM-NAME and
MACHINE-NAME are the names of your OS- and CPU-specific headers in the
subdirectories of `src'):
- In src/s/SYSTEM-NAME.h add "#define SYSTEM_MALLOC".
- In src/m/MACHINE-NAME.h add "#define CANNOT_DUMP" and
"#define CANNOT_UNEXEC".
- Configure with a different --prefix= option. If you use GCC,
version 2.7.2 is preferred, as Purify works a lot better with it
than with 2.95 or later versions.
- Type "make" then "make -k install". You might need to run
"make -k install" twice.
- cd src; purify -chain-length=40 gcc <link command line for temacs>
- cd ..; src/temacs
Note that Purify might print lots of false alarms for bitfields used
by Emacs in some data structures. If you want to get rid of the false
alarms, you will have to hack the definitions of these data structures
on the respective headers to remove the `:N' bitfield definitions
(which will cause each such field to use a full int).
** Debugging problems which happen in GC
The array `last_marked' (defined on alloc.c) can be used to display up
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