Commit 5848fe5c authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(elp-not-profilable): New var.

(elp-not-profilable-p): New function.
(elp-instrument-function): Use it.  Use backquotes and push.
parent fef3407e
......@@ -204,6 +204,20 @@ This variable is set by the master function.")
(defvar elp-master nil
"Master function symbol.")
(defvar elp-not-profilable
'(elp-wrapper elp-elapsed-time error call-interactively apply current-time interactive-p)
"List of functions that cannot be profiled.
Those functions are used internally by the profiling code and profiling
them would thus lead to infinite recursion.")
(defun elp-not-profilable-p (fun)
(or (memq fun elp-not-profilable)
(keymapp fun)
(condition-case nil
(when (subrp (symbol-function fun))
(eq 'unevalled (cdr (subr-arity (symbol-function fun)))))
(error nil))))
(defun elp-instrument-function (funsym)
......@@ -222,6 +236,9 @@ FUNSYM must be a symbol of a defined function."
(let* ((funguts (symbol-function funsym))
(infovec (vector 0 0 funguts))
(newguts '(lambda (&rest args))))
;; We cannot profile functions used internally during profiling.
(when (elp-not-profilable-p funsym)
(error "ELP cannot profile the function: %s" funsym))
;; we cannot profile macros
(and (eq (car-safe funguts) 'macro)
(error "ELP cannot profile macro: %s" funsym))
......@@ -237,13 +254,11 @@ FUNSYM must be a symbol of a defined function."
;; put rest of newguts together
(if (commandp funsym)
(setq newguts (append newguts '((interactive)))))
(setq newguts (append newguts (list
(list 'elp-wrapper
(list 'quote funsym)
(list 'and
(not (not (commandp funsym))))
(setq newguts (append newguts `((elp-wrapper
(quote ,funsym)
,(when (commandp funsym)
;; to record profiling times, we set the symbol's function
;; definition so that it runs the elp-wrapper function with the
;; function symbol as an argument. We place the old function
......@@ -279,9 +294,8 @@ FUNSYM must be a symbol of a defined function."
(fset funsym newguts)))
;; add this function to the instrumentation list
(or (memq funsym elp-all-instrumented-list)
(setq elp-all-instrumented-list
(cons funsym elp-all-instrumented-list)))))
(unless (memq funsym elp-all-instrumented-list)
(push funsym elp-all-instrumented-list))))
(defun elp-restore-function (funsym)
"Restore an instrumented function to its original definition.
......@@ -337,12 +351,10 @@ For example, to instrument all ELP functions, do the following:
prefix obarray
(lambda (sym)
(and (fboundp sym)
(not (memq (car-safe (symbol-function sym)) '(autoload macro))))
(lambda (sym)
(and (fboundp sym)
(not (or (memq (car-safe (symbol-function sym)) '(autoload macro))
(elp-not-profilable-p sym)))))))))
(defun elp-restore-list (&optional list)
"Restore the original definitions for all functions in `elp-function-list'.
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