Commit 58573230 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(SOURCES, unlock, relock): Delete.

parent 2d33f506
2007-09-12 Glenn Morris <>
* (SOURCES, unlock, relock): Delete.
2007-08-29 Glenn Morris <>
* makefile.w32-in (VERSION): Increase to 23.0.50.
......@@ -122,9 +122,6 @@ SCRIPTS= rcs2log vcdiff
SOURCES = COPYING ChangeLog README emacs.csh \ *.[chy] rcs2log vcdiff
# Additional -D flags for movemail (add to MOVE_FLAGS if desired):
# MAIL_USE_POP Support mail retrieval from a POP mailbox.
# MAIL_USE_MMDF Support MMDF mailboxes.
......@@ -368,12 +365,6 @@ maintainer-clean: distclean
extraclean: maintainer-clean
-rm -f *~ \#*
chmod u+w $(SOURCES)
chmod u-w $(SOURCES)
/* Test the contents of the directory. */
@echo "We don't have any tests for GNU Emacs yet."
......@@ -1364,17 +1364,6 @@ versionclean:
extraclean: distclean
-rm -f *~ \#* m/?*~ s/?*~
/* The rule for the [sm] files has to be written a little funny to
avoid looking like a C comment to CPP. */
SOURCES = *.[ch] [sm]/?* COPYING \ README COPYING ChangeLog vms.pp-trans
chmod u+w $(SOURCES)
chmod -w $(SOURCES)
chmod +w epaths.h
/* Arrange to make a tags table TAGS-LISP for ../lisp,
plus TAGS for the C files, which includes ../lisp/TAGS by reference. */
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