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......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ Advanced Features
Saving Emacs state from one session to the next.
* Recursive Edit:: A command can allow you to do editing
"within the command". This is called a
`recursive editing level'.
"recursive editing level".
* Emulation:: Emulating some other editors with Emacs.
* Hyperlinking:: Following links in buffers.
* Dissociated Press:: Dissociating text for fun.
......@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ Controlling the Display
* Selective Display:: Hiding lines with lots of indentation.
* Optional Mode Line:: Optional mode line display features.
* Text Display:: How text is normally displayed.
* Display Vars:: Information on variables for customizing display.
* Display Custom:: Information on variables for customizing display.
Searching and Replacement
......@@ -396,26 +396,30 @@ Frames and X Windows
* Mouse Commands:: Moving, cutting, and pasting, with the mouse.
* Secondary Selection:: Cutting without altering point and mark.
* Clipboard:: Using the clipboard for selections.
* Mouse References:: Using the mouse to select an item from a list.
* Menu Mouse Clicks:: Mouse clicks that bring up menus.
* Mode Line Mouse:: Mouse clicks on the mode line.
* Creating Frames:: Creating additional Emacs frames with various contents.
* Frame Commands:: Iconifying, deleting, and switching frames.
* Speedbar:: How to make and use a speedbar frame.
* Multiple Displays:: How one Emacs job can talk to several displays.
* Special Buffer Frames:: You can make certain buffers have their own frames.
* Frame Parameters:: Changing the colors and other modes of frames.
* Scroll Bars:: How to enable and disable scroll bars; how to use them.
* Wheeled Mice:: Using mouse wheels for scrolling.
* Menu Bars:: Enabling and disabling the menu bar.
* Tool Bars:: Enabling and disabling the tool bar.
* Dialog Boxes:: Controlling use of dialog boxes.
* Faces:: How to change the display style using faces.
* Font Lock:: Minor mode for syntactic highlighting using faces.
* Support Modes:: Font Lock support modes make Font Lock faster.
* Misc X:: Iconifying and deleting frames. Region highlighting.
* Highlight Changes:: Using colors to show where you changed the buffer.
* Highlight Interactively:: Tell Emacs what text to highlight.
* Trailing Whitespace:: Showing possibly-spurious trailing whitespace.
* Tooltips:: Showing "tooltips", AKA "ballon help" for active text.
* Mouse Avoidance:: Moving the mouse pointer out of the way.
* Non-Window Terminals:: Multiple frames on terminals that show only one.
Font Lock Support Modes
* Fast Lock Mode:: Saving font information in files.
* Lazy Lock Mode:: Fontifying only text that is actually displayed.
* Fast or Lazy:: Which support mode is best for you?
* XTerm Mouse:: Using the mouse in an XTerm terminal emulator.
International Character Set Support
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