Commit 589a3f9f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Display Custom): Add xref to Variables.

(Optional Mode Line): eol-mnemonic-... vars moved here.
parent a85cdd1f
......@@ -961,6 +961,16 @@ ordinary entry to the minibuffer does not change any mode lines.
@code{mode-line-in-non-selected-windows} to @code{nil}; then all mode
lines are displayed in the @code{mode-line} face.
@vindex eol-mnemonic-unix
@vindex eol-mnemonic-dos
@vindex eol-mnemonic-mac
@vindex eol-mnemonic-undecided
You can customize the mode line display for each of the end-of-line
formats by setting each of the variables @code{eol-mnemonic-unix},
@code{eol-mnemonic-dos}, @code{eol-mnemonic-mac}, and
@code{eol-mnemonic-undecided} to any string you find appropriate.
@xref{Variables}, for an explanation of how to set variables.
@node Text Display
@section How Text Is Displayed
@cindex characters (in text)
......@@ -1051,8 +1061,11 @@ global-hl-line-mode} enables or disables the same mode globally.
@node Display Custom
@section Customization of Display
This section contains information for customization only. Beginning
users should skip it.
This section describes variables (@pxref{Variables}) that you can
change to customize how Emacs displays text. Beginning users can skip
@c the reason for that pxref is because an xref early in the
@c ``echo area'' section leads here.
@vindex inverse-video
If the variable @code{inverse-video} is non-@code{nil}, Emacs attempts
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