Commit 5950a4fc authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(make-autoload): Generate `(autoload ...)' form for

`(define-skeleton ...)'
parent 95b7ed48
......@@ -32,24 +32,29 @@
(defun make-autoload (form file)
"Turn FORM, a defun or defmacro, into an autoload for source file FILE.
Returns nil if FORM is not a defun or defmacro."
Returns nil if FORM is not a defun, define-skeleton or defmacro."
(let ((car (car-safe form)))
(if (memq car '(defun defmacro))
(if (memq car '(defun define-skeleton defmacro))
(let ((macrop (eq car 'defmacro))
name doc)
(setq form (cdr form))
(setq name (car form))
(setq form (cdr form)
name (car form)
;; Ignore the arguments.
(setq form (cdr (cdr form)))
(setq doc (car form))
form (cdr (if (eq car 'define-skeleton)
(cdr form)))
doc (car form))
(if (stringp doc)
(setq form (cdr form))
(setq doc nil))
(list 'autoload (list 'quote name) file doc
(eq (car-safe (car form)) 'interactive)
(or (eq car 'define-skeleton)
(eq (car-safe (car form)) 'interactive))
(if macrop (list 'quote 'macro) nil)))
(put 'define-skeleton 'doc-string-elt 3)
(defconst generate-autoload-cookie ";;;###autoload"
"Magic comment indicating the following form should be autoloaded.
Used by \\[update-file-autoloads]. This string should be
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